Inspired By Martinu remix competition win

LRC member Philip Tagney has won the Inspired By Martinu remix competition, supported by the Czech Centre London and Nonclassical.

Philip comments, “I particularly like Martinu’s superb orchestral music: the short & catchy cell-like melodic motifs which seem to have roots in Czech folk music, the rhythmic drive, and the masterly orchestration, so clear and colourful. I wanted to draw attention to the wealth of invention in this movement from the 4th symphony, by focussing on a just a few of the many lovely moments, using repetition and elaboration, and allowing them to go into slightly fantastical areas that the orchestra could hardly play in reality. It seems absurd temerity to remix such a masterwork, but I hope that my remix expresses my pleasure in Martinu’s music, which might encourage people to seek out more of Martinu’s unique voice.”