Langham Research Centre tour with Goldfield Ensemble


ritual 3

What happens when technology becomes obsolete? In 1979, the avantgarde filmmaker Hollis Frampton wrote a talk for the Whitney Museum of American Art. He planned to speak of the importance of antiquated technologies and about how their very out-datedness opens them up to a multitude of new meanings. We’re exploring these ideas in RITUAL; we work directly with sounds and images from the 1940s, technologies established in the 1950s, and bespoke sonorities created from metal tynes salvaged from old toy pianos, exploring the ‘newness’ of the old in a modern setting. Central to the project is the belief that electronic music can and should be performed (like chamber music). We present Poème électronique as a piece of live music: re-imagining the old technology for the concert hall, maintaining its character not as a ‘cleansed’ version of dated technology but one which embraces the sound – as well as the artistic ideas – of an era and enables us to experience this groundbreaking work in a contemporary context. Langham Research Centre perform Muffled Cyphers using tapes, oscillators and amplified objects and Ritual in Transfigured Time flyertwo new commissions (Hinde / Settemsdal and Arlene Sierra) directly explore different aspects of the relationship between sound and image.